Mars Insight Mission Launching Soon!

The latest mission to Mars, Insight, plans to launch on May 5, 2018! The goal is to land a seismometer on the Red Planet to measure marsquakes and search for traces of tectonic movement. I find this very relevant to my research for Book 2, but I don’t think any data will be back in time before I publish! But it is very interesting!!

Scientific American has a great article summarizing the mission. And has an article with additional Areological updates.

Link: Outlook for Indie Authors

Mark Coker at Smashwords has released his market predictions for 2018, and they make for an interesting read for indie authors and readers alike! You can read it on the Smashwords blog. His words have me reconsidering some of my marketing options over the course of the year.

In the meantime, while I am still a member of KDP Select, I am creating a Kindle Countdown deal for the Amazon UK site, in which 20 Million Leagues Over the Sea  will be available for 99p from January 11 – January 18! This will be for the Amazon UK site only, available here.