Annual Smashwords Sitewide End of Year Sale Announced

Every year, I participate in the Smashwords Sitewide End of Year Sale, and this year is no exception. From December 25th – January 1st, a wide variety of ebooks on the Smashwords site will be on sale or free!

During that time, the ebook version of 20 Million Leagues Over the Sea will be FREE!

Smashwords offers ebooks in a variety of formats, including Kindle (mobi), Nook (epub), PDF, and more! Most people with e-readers or an e-reading app on their phone/tablet/computer should be able to enjoy Smashwords offerings. If you have a hunger to read, check out the sale and see what’s there!

I will post a link closer to time of the sale.

UPDATE on Book 2: I crossed a major hurdle in editing last night and hope to have something ready to go not too long after the holidays! Stay tuned!

Photo of paperback book "20 Million Leagues Over the Sea" with coins and other small items