August 2020 Newsletter Now Available

Photo of books, including two Thor comic books, a Loki comic book, Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology, Bulfinch's Mythology, and Queen Emma and the Vikings. A representation of the books recommended in the newsletter linked to here. Used as the newsletter masthead.

After a July hiatus, the newsletter is back! This is our special Viking Issue, with book and web recommendations for lovers of Norse myths, culture, and history. Past Guest Authors Jennifer Reynolds and Stephanie Osborn present new releases! We also have some news about fall events.

You don’t have to subscribe to enjoy it! Available on MailChimp here.

Enjoy your weekend!

Busy Day!

It’s been a busy day here at Twin Cedars, but I have managed to get a lot of work done on the next chapter of The House of Loki. Hopefully it will be ready to post soon, both here and on its fanfiction site. Stay tuned! Wishing you all sweet dreams tonight.

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Annual Summer/Winter Sale on Smashwords!

Stuck inside and need a book? Low on spending money? Never fear, Smashwords has got you covered! Through the month of July, a wide variety of ebooks on the site are either free or at a steep discount.

I am participating: 20 Million Leagues Over the Sea is free! Its sequel, The Mysterious Planet of Captain Moreau, is only $1.50.

You can find my author profile with links to both books here. Be sure to check out the rest of the books on sale on the home page!

A Couple of Announcements

Hello all! I hope you are all healthy and happy during the Great Quarantine.

Just wanted to post a reminder that the newsletter is on hiatus this month, but it will return in August with more reading goodness!

Also, I need to announce a change to my social media contact information. As of 7/10/2020, I will no longer be on Twitter. The vitriol and hate that is allowed on that platform has become too much for me. It used to be a joy to log on every day, but now I dread it. The fun and joy has been drowned out. So I am turning my attention to more focused media. I will also be focusing more on this blog, which I admit I have neglected of late.

I have updated my contacts page with some new contact links, repeated here for your convenience:

GoodReads Author Page

Amazon Author Page

BookBub Author Page


Pinterest (for my art): Ssbasham

deviantArt: kthunter (for my art)

Wishing you all health & happiness as we get through the 2020 Blues together!

April 2020 Newsletter Available!

I hope everyone is happy & healthy right now! The April 2020 Twin Cedars Newsletter is now available here. This is our special extra-long Shakespeare’s birthday issue with lots of goodies.

  • News Roundup: Hurry Up & Wait; Smashwords Sale
  • Book Recommendation: Stuart Kells’ Shakespeare’s Library
  • Web Site Recommendation: Shakespeare Magazine
  • Word Puzzle: Shakespeare’s People Puzzle