A Couple of Announcements

Hello all! I hope you are all healthy and happy during the Great Quarantine.

Just wanted to post a reminder that the newsletter is on hiatus this month, but it will return in August with more reading goodness!

Also, I need to announce a change to my social media contact information. As of 7/10/2020, I will no longer be on Twitter. The vitriol and hate that is allowed on that platform has become too much for me. It used to be a joy to log on every day, but now I dread it. The fun and joy has been drowned out. So I am turning my attention to more focused media. I will also be focusing more on this blog, which I admit I have neglected of late.

I have updated my contacts page with some new contact links, repeated here for your convenience:

GoodReads Author Page

Amazon Author Page

BookBub Author Page


Pinterest (for my art): Ssbasham

deviantArt: kthunter (for my art)

Wishing you all health & happiness as we get through the 2020 Blues together!