Captain Marvel!

We went to see Captain Marvel yesterday. I really enjoyed it and hope to see it at least one more time while it is on the Big Screen. The story was a lot of fun, and it was a real trip down Nostalgia Lane with the 90s vibe going on. Brie Larson really kicks some tail in the fight scenes, and I could see flashes of Mason Weaver (her character in Kong: Skull Island) as well.

Samuel L. Jackson was awesome as always. I’m not sure he has any other setting, to be honest. Since he was in Kong: Skull Island too, I knew he would have great on-screen chemistry with Ms. Larson. (Now we just need Loki!!)

Love love love Goose. As I am surrounded by ginger cats on a daily basis, it’s nice to see one getting to steal some spotlight.

And it is always a pleasure to see Jude Law. I’ve been crazy about him since Gattaca. And of course the lovely Annette Bening (I loved her in The Siege with Bruce Willis) graced the screen as well. Gemma Chan, Lee Pace, and the rest of the cast kept things moving.

The special effects were wonderful, and the humor kept me laughing. There were a few slow spots, but for the most part it was action-action-action. If you enjoy the Marvel Universe films and/or loved Top Gun, you will have a great time.

I am looking forward to seeing Carol Danvers’ role in Endgame and seeing how she may have changed and grown in power in the intervening years.

You go, girl!

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