New Fanfiction Page

For those of you who followed my fic “The House of Loki” on a few years ago… it’s back! I’d like to give it another try as a (brief) break after Book 2 is completed. I pulled it back in 2016, unfinished, but I did keep the text of it. I am repackaging it for this website instead of the ff site (which still has my Teen Titans fic). I’m going to do it one chapter at a time to give myself a chance to write new material in the meantime.

The intro can be found on this site on the main menu under “My Fanfiction”. I suggest reading the brief introduction first to give yourself a sense of where it falls continuity-wise in the MCU-ficworld. As I started it right after Thor: The Dark World, it has lost some of its continuity. Still, I hope it is a fun little fantasy tale for you!