More Book Photography!

I pulled the camera & props out again today to get a few more shots of the book. I played around with some interior shots today. I can’t wait to have the whole series written, so I can photograph the whole family together!


I’m Gonna Be Bloggerviewed!

Good news! In January 2018, I will be interviewed on the blog of fellow author Ashley Scott! I am very excited as this is my first official interview!

It will appear on her blog ( in early January.

From her Amazon bio:

Whether she’s tasting the delicacies of Spain or zip lining in the jungles of Jamaica, Ashley’s mind is always filled with story ideas. She published her first book Demon Anarchy in September 2016, fueling her readers with a story like no other. She is currently working on more novels to share exciting new adventures with her readers. Currently, she lives with her husband and jack russell terrier in Maine.

You can find more on Ashley and her books around the web:




Amazon Author Page

Her novel Demon Anarchy is now available on Amazon.

The battle for New York has begun. Demons imprisoned for years, sent far from their planet to Earth, have broken their bonds. Among them is a demon queen ready to claim Earth as her own by devouring humans and raising an army. Follow the path of two young women, new recruits of a demon hunting company, in an attempt to stop a war of demons vs humans. Secrets are revealed, trust and honesty run a fine line…will the demon queen take over the city or will the company’s new recruits have the courage and knowledge to save it from total destruction?

You can buy it here: