Giveaways Changing

Dear Friends,

Over the past few years, I have truly enjoyed giving my novel away via the GoodReads program. This morning, I (along with many other indie authors) received an email from GoodReads that this wonderful program, which up until now has been free to authors, is changing drastically. They will now be charging authors an extremely high fee for giveaways and be limiting it (for now) to entries from US residents only.

While I applaud the long-needed addition of ebooks (which would have been awesome to do, by the way), I disagree with the new fee system. They are simply too high for indie authors. Therefore as of January I will no longer run my Giveaways through GoodReads.

I am grateful that such a program was available for so long for free. It was a great tool for reaching audiences. Since most of the work appears to be automated on their end, I do not understand the need for such high fees. A nominal fee (maybe five dollars a giveaway?) might have been acceptable and within my budget. But $119 minimum is just too much for most indies.

Please stay tuned as I find another avenue in which to continue my fond tradition.