Eclipse 2017 – Gorgeous!

Did you watch the eclipse? I bounced between the NASA news site and watching out my window. I didn’t have glasses, but I did wander out to the porch and use a pinhole camera focused on a tile, and that worked out well.

What amazed you the most? For me it was the change in animal behavior. The roosters started crowing, and the cicadas & crickets began singing. (The cats didn’t give a flip. It was in the middle of Kitty Nap Time anyway.) But what impressed me the most were the wasps. There is a wasp nest near the porch door. Most of the day they just flit about here and there, and they generally take their time about going home in the evening. The poor confused dears were swarming all at once, trying to get back into their nest. I could almost hearing them ask each other, “Did you know it was getting dark so early? I didn’t get the memo.”

The cicadas fell silent as soon as the light returned, but it took a while for the chickens and the crickets to calm down. The wasps went about their waspy business, and all was well.

It didn’t last long. But it was awesome!