Eclipse 2017 – Gorgeous!

Did you watch the eclipse? I bounced between the NASA news site and watching out my window. I didn’t have glasses, but I did wander out to the porch and use a pinhole camera focused on a tile, and that worked out well.

What amazed you the most? For me it was the change in animal behavior. The roosters started crowing, and the cicadas & crickets began singing. (The cats didn’t give a flip. It was in the middle of Kitty Nap Time anyway.) But what impressed me the most were the wasps. There is a wasp nest near the porch door. Most of the day they just flit about here and there, and they generally take their time about going home in the evening. The poor confused dears were swarming all at once, trying to get back into their nest. I could almost hearing them ask each other, “Did you know it was getting dark so early? I didn’t get the memo.”

The cicadas fell silent as soon as the light returned, but it took a while for the chickens and the crickets to calm down. The wasps went about their waspy business, and all was well.

It didn’t last long. But it was awesome!

Eclipse 2017 – August 21st

Excited about the eclipse but don’t live in the band of totality? Or you live in the band, but they are predicting rain?

There are still ways to view it, courtesy of  NASA and their planned Megacast, 12 – 4 PM Eastern time.  The page presents links to multiple streaming sites, including FaceBook Live, YouTube, and Twitter, among others. It will include live coverage from ground telescopes, airplanes, and high-altitude balloons!

From the Megacast website:

For 4 hours surrounding the eclipse, NASA will host an Eclipse Megacast providing unique broadcast coverage across multiple phenomenon programming, and allow NASA to interact with the scientists and members of the public across the country as they watch and study the eclipse. The Megacast will be picked up by NASA TV as well as many other local and national TV stations.

I live in the band of totality, but my happy little self will be indoors and out of the anticipated heavy traffic. I’ll have plenty of snacks and a tall sweet tea (and two jealous cats, I’m sure). NASA is my window to the eclipse!

If you are viewing the eclipse, please be careful and protect your vision! If you purchased special glasses from Amazon, be sure to check your email. Amazon is sending out warnings to those who may have purchased glasses that are not rated for this kind of protection. Sunglasses are NOT enough! If you can’t get glasses or don’t live in an area experiencing the eclipse, then give the NASA site a shot.

Bards in Space: Shakespeare Magazine

A fan of Shakespeare? Can’t get enough of The Hollow Crown? Fingers and toes crossed to win the ticket lottery for Hiddleston’s Hamlet?

Then check out this free online Shakespeare Magazine. All the back issues are there, with articles on a variety of Bard-related topics and actors (like Branagh and Hiddleston) who loom large in the Land of the Bard.